Best Tips On How To become A Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist

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Some of you may not know but I have had a fun journey in my career as a celebrity wardrobe stylist! I even got roped into wardrobe styling/creative directing for the likes of Lizzo, J Balvin, and many more.

So to those of you who wish to pursue this same path of a career, worry not! Here are some tips on how you can get started on becoming the next rising celebrity stylist.

1. It MATTERS who you know

This is one of the most important things. While skills and talent are needed and are also important in making your break into the scene, the quality of your network and connections also matters, and it matters A LOT. There are so many celebrity wardrobe stylists and designers nowadays that the chances of you making it out by yourself is very unlikely. The likelihood of a celebrity to hire a new face is not that much. However, if you can have someone already in the industry to put out a good word for you, then your chances of getting hired are higher.



2. Your portfolio will speak for you

Take time in building your lookbook or your portfolio. This important because this will serve as your CV. Don’t get me wrong, having a degree related to fashion is important and will be of great advantage to you, but a portfolio of what you do and what you can do is just as equally important.

3. Don’t stop learning…and practice dressing up!

Being a celebrity stylist means that you should always know what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not. You should also be smart enough to know what style would fit your client best. Almost everything can be found on the internet, so get ready for a lot of time in front of the computer browsing through websites, social media, and the likes.

Sporting the look on yourself will also help a lot. Do this by getting the best clothes and accessories, and reading through fashion blogs.

It’s a fast-paced and challenging industry, but if you put yourself up to the task, nothing is impossible! So take a deep breath, and dive in and start the road to fulfill your dreams to become a celebrity wardrobe stylist!

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