I Became Rich When I Visited Poland!

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May 29, 2018
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May 29, 2018

Looking back, I’m shocked how little I knew about visiting Poland. As one of the largest European countries, it’s hardly hidden away or anything. And yet somehow, time and time again it escaped my notice. I had the opportunity to do a shoot in Poland and also catch up with a friend Agnieszka. I didn’t realize how strong the US dollar was in their country!



Relative to Western Europe, Poland is an affordable country to visit. It may not be Europe’s cheapest destination but it’s between there and the general European average. If I were to compare it, the country is probably on par with somewhere like Czechia in terms of cost.


 Hearty Food

Polish cuisine, for lack of a better word, is comfort food. You’ve got soups, sausages and of course, the scrumptious pierogi dumplings.  Also extremely affordable, I bought about 5 croissants like sandwiches with 2 US Dollars.

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