5 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

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Ladies! I know and I understand that you all love clothes, right? As well as shoes and bags. Basically, everything fashionable. But sometimes, deciding how to look cool, posh, and classy can be a bit of a headache. For this, I got you. Here are 5 clothing tips no woman should miss!

#1: Let the old stuff go


You know what they say, let bygones be bygones? That can apply to your closet as well. So, go ahead and get all your clothing from five years ago and sell them over. In this way, you get a few extra bucks for shopping. Also, you get to declutter your closet and keep only the best set of clothes that work for you. Less headache, isn’t?


#2 Let your clothes work for you


No need to try too hard. What are your best assets, or what department are you lacking in? For example, busty women should wear more V-neck shirts to further make their chests stand out. On the other hand, those with smaller breasts have wider options: you can go anywhere from backless, low cuts, and even braless!


The point here, ladies, is that there is a specific style fit perfectly for your body type and shape.


#3 Show only one skin at a time


By that, I meant get decided on what you want to flaunt. Remember, you don’t want to be too overwhelming. You don’t want your style to be all over the place, without any defining assets of any kind.


So, if you are to wear a top that will show off your cleavage, you might want to refrain from wearing extremely short shorts or a mini skirt. Likewise, a basic tee can already go perfectly with a mini skirt.


Check out this sexy V neck dress for less than $50, and this backless dress for only a little over $25!


#4 Wear the right makeup and perfume


I am saying this because makeup and perfume stains can be a total style killer, right? You can perfectly slay one dress, but it will all go downhill if you suddenly get that smudge of excess makeup on the nape or on the neckline.


Take this, for example. This awesome foundation will stay on all day, and will never smudge!


#5 Enjoy and be comfortable!


I understand that there are trends, there is something that is considered as “hot” and fashionable right now, but who the hell actually cares? Be your own woman! Wear whatever makes you comfortable, whatever makes you happy, and whatever makes you feel extra sexy! These 5 clothing tips no woman should miss can help you but in the end, you are your own and you rock!

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