Ariana Grande’s Ombre Pigtails Is The Dreamiest Fall Color

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There are few aspects other than her accent and sky-high boots that make Ariana Grande more identifiable than her famous, extra-long ponytails. They appear in almost every shot of paparazzi street style, she’s wearing them on the stage, and she’s sprinkling them all over her Instagram page. But Ariana Grande’s ombré pigtails made their debut recently, giving her usual signature pony a fresh seasonal twist.

In a couple of Aug. 24 postings from Instagram, celebrity hairstylist Josh Liu switched Grande’s single updo in for two long pigtails. The colour was identical to the shade she picked at the 2020 Grammy Awards on the red carpet, which comprised of deep, cool brunette roots with an ashy blonde tint that made up the rest of the strands. She captioned one of the photos with an emoji rain globe, which fans took to the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards as a clue about her upcoming appearance with Lady Gaga.

Grande wore a sparkly face mask along with her new hair, and a pair of gray workout leggings with a black crop top. Michael Anthony, the same celebrity makeup artist responsible for her etheral floating eyeliner in the “Rain On Me” music video, made possible the otherworldly makeup in her shot, and one she shared earlier featuring iridescent eyeliner.

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He shaped her brows into strong, arch-free lines for her most recent photo, patted on shimmery lavender eyeshadow, and used black eyeliner on just her top lids. The whole style, coupled with her new makeup, has taken on a very futuristic, space vibe.

Although the extensions of Grande are nothing new, her ombré revival is just what this season needs to change from the bleach blonde and pastel colors that overshadowed the summer. Although some stars easily leap into dark hair shades, this is the perfect in-between for those with lighter locks that aren’t yet ready to accept a rich brunette like Khloé Kardashian or glamorous black like Dua Lipa in complete.


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