Ana De Armas’ Red Sneakers with Dress because Why Not

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For the fashion collective, dressing up these days is all about hitting the sweet spot between what looks current and trendy, yet relaxed and practical. Combination can mean dressing up joggers with a blazer, or dressing up a casual Birkenstock suit. Serving as a comfortable-looking inspiration this week is L.A. The lady in town Ana de Armas’ Red Shoes Ensemble. The surprising pairing of distressed footwear with a flowing maxi skirt and sweater acts as a spot-on demonstration of casual California wear.

A 32-year-old actress may find herself head-to-toe in sequins on a red carpet, but her everyday fashion approach is decidedly more casual with loose-fitting jeans, sundresses, flat sandals, and combat boots. On November 29, de Armas was seen in Los Angeles wearing a blush pink maxi skirt that delightfully juxtaposes the darker colors that the star frequently sees in. Though Los Angeles has scarcely dropped below 65 degrees lately, a plethora of Co cashmere sweaters tightly wrapped around de Armas’ neck act as both a loose reminder of the current season and a trendy decoration. And while the actress matched her airy skirt with a nude top for a uniform look, Golden Goose applied a splash of colour to a pair of troubled burgundy low-top sneakers.

You may not always believe that sneakers are the perfect way to polish off a princess-esque maxi skirt, but the de Armas weekend outfit makes a case for a fresh take on casual silhouettes. In fact, there are a lot of ways to get closer to the look, from matching sneakers with a slip dress, topped with a cardigan, or even choosing instead a pair of silk palazzo pants with the same flowing feel of a maxi skirt. You can begin with these similar options to the de Armas maxi skirt below if you’re looking for new ways to get your quarantine wardrobe up. Then, grab a comfiest sweater that you can find to bring comfort to your shoulders, and collapse into Golden Goose’s favorite actor sneaker style, or a pair of Converse from your wardrobe.

Cashmere $675 | CO

Alpaca Plain Knit Jumper $115 | COS

Pleated Skirt $585 | MM6 Maison Margiela

Pleated Midi Skirt $56 | Mango

Superstar Suede Sneaker $400 | Golden Goose

Medical Mask (50 pcs) $79 | Wakamono


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