Alicia Keys Beauty Brand Keys Soulcare Drops it’s First ‘Ritual’

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The singer Alicia Keys Beauty brand Keys Soulcare, one may say, may have started in 2016 when the actress openly disavowed cosmetics, noting the ways without which she might feel free from the societal expectations of women. It was a process, Keys explained in Lenny Letter’s 2016 essay, that eventually led her to meditation.

Today, as part of the e.l.f Cosmetics family, the brand formally releases a range of three items for its First Ritual,’ but only one is truly topical skincare. This is partially because the brand is almost as focused on self-care without products as it is on their own. The Keys Soulcare site often devotes space to what is identified as the four tenets of soul-care: body, spirit, mind, and relation. In accordance with this spirit of holistic self-care, each substance is combined with a mantra.

The first ritual consists of three products—though the beauty enthusiasts will be most inspired by the moisturizer. Next up, there’s the ‘signature’ Sage + Oat Milk Candle to set the mood. The candle, the brand notes, is intended to deliver a “press reset,” moment, regardless of the time of day. Sage is known for its energy-clearing qualities, and oat milk is smooth and calming. The fragrance is best characterized as warm and soothing together. The mantra of the candle is, aptly, ‘I shine at full wattage.’

Next is the Skin Transformation Cream. Soulcare collaborated with the dermatologist and co-founder of W3LL People Dr. Renée Snyder (also part of the e.l.f Cosmetics family of brands) on this recipe, which is ideal for the coming cooler season as it is rich in ceramides, hyaluronic acid and buzzy ‘retinol-alternative,’ bakuchiol, a ‘clean’ anti-aging ingredient. It is also infused with malachite, known as the ‘stone of transformation.’ The next mantra: ‘I welcome all circumstances as a catalyst for change.’

The first ritual is the Obsidian Facial Roller, which completes the self-care moment and helps you to give yourself a relaxing massage while you add the Skin Transformation Cream (or another serum, moisturizer, or oil). Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava which has a long tradition of use in feng shui and other practices to “repel negativity” and “clear the psychic smog that can surround us as the Keys Soulcare website describes. The mantra: ‘I am strong, able and unstoppable.’

Of course, this is just the beginning. Keep an eye on Keys Soulcare in the coming year as the label is set to unleash a full range.

Sage +Oat Milk Candle $38 | Keys Soulcare

Obsidian Facial Roller $25 | Keys Soulcare

Skin Transformation Cream $30 | Keys Soulcare



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