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May 27, 2020
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June 16, 2020

Loading the car up with camera equipment, I take one look at my home and try to remember if I’ve forgotten anything behind. Today was going to be a long photo shoot with various models across different locations. Having gone over everything mentally once again, I closed up the trunk of the car and jumped into the driver’s seat.

“Keep the calm flowing through your veins when everything is chaos.”

I whispered to myself as I fastened my seatbelt and began driving off. There were things to do, people to see. First stop was Avenue Park, where I met up with Alice. It was a great experience to collaborate with her and her modern look and short bangs haircut.

I felt utterly inspired by her outfit to edit it entirely in my style with a lot of pink and blue. Thanking her for her effort to meet with me this day, I left the premises after two hours of shooting.

My next stop was due to be the outskirts of the city. That was where I met up with the following model: Livia.

I felt inspired by this one, so I urged her to pick some flowers from nearby.

Making a beautiful bouquet, I then urged her to hold them in her hands and pose for the photos. She looked very lovely like that. Within a couple more pictures, I knew we had the perfect picture.

So after another hour taking photos, I ended the session and ran back to my car as the next location was to be near a lake. The drive was going to be pretty long and I had to get a move on.

Turning up the volume on the radio, I kept driving for another hour. It was going to be sunset soon, and I had to get there before that to capture the golden hour.

When I finally arrived on the scene, I insisted we move to the lake area so we could capture the beauty of the last rays of sunshine. As I instructed her to turn her back to the lake, she squinted into the sun and put her hand up to keep the rays from her eyes. It was then I took out my camera and took the first photo.

“Keep that pose. It’s perfect.”

I told her and moved around to get the perfect shadow and light on her face. Within a few more minutes of moving around, we managed to end this photo shoot on a high note.

As exhausting it had all been, it probably had been the most fun I had had in a long time. The pressure of taking the best photo and the running around had me fueled with adrenaline the entire day. Was it worth it? Of course, it was!

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