6 Best All-Black Sneakers to Buy Under $150

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April 22, 2020
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The all-white sneaker might get a lot of shine in all those trusty round-ups in the spring style you’re probably reading right now, but his cooler cousin, the all-black sneaker, is an equally strong bet easily (dare I say it?). In a sea of plain white choices, the all-black sneaker is a subtly-transgressive style which is far less likely to get scuffed, dirty and scratched out of the store the second you  waltz, which in turn means you don’t have to walk on tenterhooks for, say, the first month you wear them with a bottle of cleaning solution and a microfibre towel on hand, waiting for a bad, naive bystander inadvertently sullying your clean uppers.

Cop a pair of all-black sneakers and borrow some credibility from the model to add a much needed dose of (the right kind of) danger to your everyday fits. Below are the 6 best all-black sneakers to buy under $150.

1. OG Old Skool LX Sneakers

Vans $70.00

To add some extra oomph a skate-rat favorite with a few strategically placed suede inserts.

2. Ozweego Shoes

Adidas $77.00

Pro tip: If you are trying to make a chunkier sneaker look slightly more polished, the best way to go is to black-out all the details.

3. Air Force 1 ’07

Nike $90.00

Cue “Bill Bellamy.”

4. A$AP Nast Jack Purcell Chukka Sneakers

Converse $120.00

A classic sneaker with some nice flame details updated to chukka shape so subtle they would make Guy Fieri blush.

5. Air Max 90 Sneaker

Nike $120.00

When talking about classics, with the storied legacy of the Air Max 90, there are few sneakers around and an all-black colorway just makes it look even more street-ready.

6. Air Max 97

Nike $135.97

And not an AM90 fan? Say less then, King. The Swoosh has you all wrapped.

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