10 of The Timeless Style of President John F. Kennedy

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April 25, 2020
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While his political career is shaping his legacy, the elegant and sophisticated style of John F. Kennedy has long been forgotten. His aunt, Jackie Kennedy, has been known as a style maven for decades, but it would be wise not to forget our late President as an emblem of fashion in his own right. Through his days in the Navy to his tenure in the Oval Office, these are the best examples of the timeless sense of style that JFK has.

1. January, 1940

That’s exactly what they mean when they say uniforms suit like a “T”

2. November, 1947

Indeed, the best friend of man may be this suited (although that is also a pretty good-looking dog).

3. June, 1953

When you’re engaged with a woman like Jacqueline Bouvier you’re wearing whatever hell you want, whatever you want, you’re cursed with WASP tennis etiquette.

4. June, 1953

Let’s go for the hat-trick here: when you’re engaged with a woman like Jacqueline Bouvier, you’re wearing whatever the hell you want, wherever the hell you want (especially if it involves a slate-blue suit as a killer).

5. October, 1955

The picture really ain’t helping his case. (Still looks good, though.)

6. January, 1960

Never felt so good on the bully pulpit.

7. August, 1960

A cardigan so cozy he soon persuaded the whole of America in his dry, caring embrace to make themselves like his daughter and cocoon.

8. December, 1961

Here JFK and Jackie make private jet drip look darn near presidential.

9. August, 1962

The kind of picture that makes you want to go sailing, even though you don’t know how.

10. June, 1961

As the hotshot young president of a global superpower, the perfect way to flex your foreign-policy muscle? Turn up and literally flex all over the chief of your host country.



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